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Dave & Buster’s Apologizes For Tweeting That All Guys Named Juan Like Tacos

In yet another chapter of the book all companies should read, How Not To Tweet So You Don’t Risk Offending Your Customers, Dave & Buster’s went and shoved the basketball into its own hoop with a misguided tweet timed to coincide with #TacoTuesdays that basically says anyone named Juan likes tacos. [More]

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FAFSA Twitter Account Sorry For Posting “I’m Poor” Tweet Aimed At Financial Aid Applicants

You know what isn’t always that funny to people who can’t afford say, college? Calling them out for being poor on social media. Oh, hello, Federal Student Aid’s twitter account. You seem to have made a mistake in that area. [More]

Palm, meet face. Sigh.

Lexus Tweet Implies Introverts Need Fixing

While I personally tend to tip more to the side of the extrovert scale (I will talk to strangers at length but you will never find me dancing on a table in a crowded bar) I do know that a world full of only extroverts would be a terrifying existence indeed. I also recognize the importance of being happy just the way you are — introvert, extrovert or something in between — an idea that is not so obvious to whoever is behind Lexus’ Twitter account. [More]

Bad idea.

AT&T Apologizes For Reminding Customers It Sells Smartphones On 9/11

Sigh. Just… sigh. Why can’t companies just refrain from hitching their apple wagons to tragic stars? Following yesterday’s story about a golf course offering a $9.11 special in honor of 9/11, AT&T is apologizing for using 9/11 memorial imagery to remind everyone on Twitter that it sells cell phones. [More]