‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Wins The Showcase, Scores Bonus Engagement Ring

Getting married in an IKEA or a Walmart? So 2013. Instead, why not start your life with the man you love while a gameshow audience screams approval and Drew Carey observes from a distance like some sort of wise life guru? [More]

Watch Woman Totally Freak Out Over Winning $157,000 Car On ‘Price Is Right’

Watch Woman Totally Freak Out Over Winning $157,000 Car On ‘Price Is Right’

Let’s say you’re having a pretty lucky day, and you end up appearing as a contestant on The Price Is Right. That’s pretty awesome in itself, right? But what if there’s a $157,300 sports supercar on the line, the show’s most valuable prize ever? You’re probably gonna freak right out, and deservedly so. [More]


All You Have To Do To Be A Contestant On The Price Is Right Is Make Weird Faces & Be Excited

Start practicing your facial contortions and excited outbursts of enthusiasm if you want to be a contestant on The Price Is Right. While they won’t guarantee you’ll win anything, they’re likely to get you noticed, explains one winner. Oh and bringing a box of donuts to hand out in line isn’t a bad idea, either. [More]


Even If You’re Not A Celebrity, You Can Pay To Be Treated Like One At The Airport

Times used to be, breezing through airport security in front of everyone else and skipping lines during the boarding process was just for the hoity-toity types — the wealthy and celebrities, mainly. But now that regular passengers can pay for fast-track access, airlines are scrambling to provide an even hoity-toitier (new word, deal with it) experience for anyone willing to pay a hefty price. [More]

$100 Bribe Gets Mysterious Package On JetBlue Plane

$100 Bribe Gets Mysterious Package On JetBlue Plane

Here’s a deal you won’t see JetBlue advertising on its website. All you need to get a mysterious package unaccompanied onto a JetBlue flight is a $100 bill in the hands of a JetBlue ticket agent. [More]

CVS Misprices Meds, Offers Refunds If You Say Please

CVS Misprices Meds, Offers Refunds If You Say Please

When CVS discovered that prices listed for brand-name drugs on its SilverScript Medicare site were mistakenly displayed at about 4% less than the drugs were actually being sold for, the company quickly fixed the glitch, according to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal. But what happened to customers who saw the “low” prices and ended up paying more at retail? According to The Journal, CVS cut a deal with the government, allowing the company to offer refunds only to customers who asked for them. CVS then sent letters to the customers that said they could call and discuss “your options,” and made no mention of the possibility of a refund. [More]


Donna Tillman won a new Pontiac GTO coupe on The Price Is Right. The car she received was a different model that had, according to her mechanic, “major damage to its frame that had been repaired and concealed.” [Reuters]