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Whatever Happened To GeoCities, Lycos, Netscape & Other Giants Of Web 1.0?

Long before Facebook and Twitter, well before even Friendster and MySpace, before the first dotcom bubble burst, in the eons before Google was a glint in anyone’s eye, there was the first web. In comparison to everything that’s come after it, you could call it Web 1.0 or perhaps even just “the dark ages.” But for anyone born before, say, 1990, this was the dawn of our now-ubiquitous digital world. But as the digital giants of yesteryear have been replaced by the now-ubiquitous Facebook and Google, how many are still in play now? [More]

The Zuck, a man with a plan.

Mark Zuckerberg Wants World’s 5 Billion Without Internet To Get Connected (And On Facebook?)

Forget trying to buy the world a Coke — Mark Zuckerberg would like to connect the five billion people on the planet who don’t have Internet with the rest of the online world. And while yes, of course, since he’s the founder and CEO of Facebook, one might assume that the more of those people who have access to the World Wide Web, the more there’ll be on Facebook. But he says it’s really about connecting people. On Facebook. Okay, really — just about connecting. [More]

Sitemeter Bug Breaks Parts Of The Internet For Internet Explorer Users

Sitemeter Bug Breaks Parts Of The Internet For Internet Explorer Users

A bug in the popular metrics-tracking platform Sitemeter has boxed Internet Explorer users into a quiet little corner of the internet since late yesterday afternoon. Any site using Sitemeter now displays the following cryptic message to IE users: “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site – Operation aborted.” The bug affects IE 5.5, 6, and 7, but we have three ways—including use another browser!—to restore access to the full internet in all its horrible glory, inside. (Note: we’ve put in a fix so IE users can continue to read Consumerist without changing their settings.)


Verizon edges closer to adopting IPv6, which, among other things, will allow for unique IP addresses to be assigned to all your electronic kitchen appliances. [EETimes]