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T-Mobile Promises Nationwide 5G Network Coverage… Eventually

Sure, your phone is kind of fast… but it could be faster. A lot faster. All of the big wireless carriers are super excited about the whole new network generation of fast, but there’s a hitch: It doesn’t exist yet. But that’s not deterring T-Mobile, which is out there today promising to get you a nationwide 5G network while Verizon and AT&T are still pulling their metaphorical shoes on. [More]

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FCC, Historic Preservation Groups Agree To Speed Up This Whole 5G Deployment Thing

For an agency that telecom companies like to lambaste as old-fashioned, out-of-touch, and wedded to the past, the FCC sure is speeding up full-tilt into the future. To wit: the Commission is streamlining a bunch of regulations to make it as easy as possible to build 5G networks as fast as possible. [More]

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Thursday Night Football Is Coming Live To A Twitter Near You This Fall

It’s no secret that the NFL has been looking for streaming partners for its Thursday night games. A month ago, the rumor mill said that Facebook was looking to be the victor on that field. But today the news has broken about what streaming service will be getting the games, and it’s not Facebook — nor is it Amazon, Netflix, or any big streaming suspect you might suspect. It’s Twitter. Yes, that Twitter. [More]

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GM Investing $500M In Lyft, Hopes You Will Eventually Get Rides From Self-Driving Fleet

The world of business partnerships is kicking off 2016 with a bang, bringing together the old world of cars with the new. GM, the occasionally troubled behemoth carmaker founded in 1908, and Lyft, the once-mustachioed ride-hailing service (that isn’t Uber) founded in 2012, are embarking together on a half-billion dollar plan to bring the future to a street near you. [More]

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Google’s Latest Secret Prototype: A Communicator Straight Out Of Star Trek

In the future, you talk to your computers. That’s what Star Trek taught us, anyway, so I’m just going to go ahead and assume it’s true. And apparently some engineers over at Google, who actually can make it so, feel the exact same way. [More]

FCC Proposes Some Consumer Protections As They Inch Closer To Killing Off Copper Landlines

FCC Proposes Some Consumer Protections As They Inch Closer To Killing Off Copper Landlines

Phones are wireless, consumers are cutting back, and copper is expensive: all are reasons why the big phone companies want permission from the FCC to walk away from old-fashioned landline networks and to keep moving toward an internet-based future. The FCC tentatively agrees, and voted 3-2 today to take another baby step in the process that will end up making the nation’s century-old copper landline network obsolete. [More]