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It's all holdiay fun until someone takes a drone in the face.

First TGI Friday’s Mistletoe Drone Casualty Reported In Brooklyn

The mistletoe drones deployed in TGI Friday’s restaurants are supposed to be flying ambassadors of happiness and love, not weapons of destruction. Yet that’s exactly what happened to a photographer who visited a restaurant with a reporter last week to capture the restaurant’s two drones in action. A smaller, 10-inch drone was supposed to land in the reporter’s hand, but instead flew into the photographer’s face, cutting her nose and chin. [More]

(photo: TGI Fridays on Instagram)

TGI Fridays Sued For Not Printing All Drink Prices On Menu

Given the vast number of available cocktails and beers available at most bars, it’s rare — if not impossible — to see a list of prices for everything you could drink. But in a recently filed class action suit, a man in New Jersey alleges that TGI Fridays is deliberately omitting drink prices to trick customers into paying more than they should. [More]

(André-Pierre du Plessis)

TGI Friday’s Is Selling Corporate-Owned Restaurants To Franchisees

Under its current ownership, Burger King started to do something kind of revolutionary for a company in the fast food restaurant business: it sold most of its corporate-owned restaurants. That move appears to have worked out well for the King, and now other restaurant chains are trying it as well. Will it work for TGI Friday’s? [More]


There Is No Limit To the Unlimited Appetizer Promotion At TGI Friday’s

Caity Weaver of our estranged former parent site Gawker made a deal with her editor: if she could stay at TGI Friday’s from the start of the lunch hour until 1 A.M., munching on a single order of all-you-can-eat appetizers, she would get a week’s vacation. Apparently, eating mozzarella sticks is an endurance sport. At least at TGI Friday’s, where, Weaver reports, the sticks are bland and not good. At least you can get a lot of them? [More]

Muslim Complains TGI Friday’s Contaminated Her Drink With Bacon

Muslim Complains TGI Friday’s Contaminated Her Drink With Bacon

Most people are really happy about the current trend to put bacon in every food item, but do you know who isn’t? Vegetarians, vegans, and people whose religions prohibit them from eating pork. Like the Muslim woman who ordered her Cobb salad without bacon, please, and claims that she ended up with bacon crumbles in her straw, instead. [More]

Fun with anchoring.

TGI Friday’s Has A Very High Opinion Of Their Waitstaff

Mike has no complaints about his recent visit to TGI Friday’s. Really, he doesn’t. The only thing that prompted him to write to Consumerist was one little blurb at the bottom of his receipt, which provided handy recommended tips. That’s very useful. If the standard gratuity in the United States is supposed to be 15%, though, why does this scale start at 18%? [More]

TGI Friday’s Customer Inadvertently Becomes Cannibal

TGI Friday’s Customer Inadvertently Becomes Cannibal

You know, it’s sort of nice to hear about a lopped off digit found half-cooked in someone’s food that wasn’t a lawsuit scam.