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3 DIY Teeth-Whitening Solutions You May Want To Avoid

Have you ever smiled into the mirror and noticed your teeth were a little too reminiscent of that cup of coffee you enjoy each morning? Teeth-whitening solutions range from expensive high-tech treatments, to commercially available strips and gels, to a vast number of cheap DIY suggestions posted on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. While some of these low-cost whitening methods may work, others may be ineffective or actually do more harm than good. [More]

Strips Are Best Teeth Whiteners, Consumer Reports Finds

Strips Are Best Teeth Whiteners, Consumer Reports Finds

A Consumer Reports Insights story in the Washington Post evaluates the DIY teeth-whitening racket, finding strips work better than trays, which don’t always fit in your mouth so well, the products may mess with your sensitive teeth, and that yellow teeth whiten easier than gray, brown or blue.