Mike Mozart

Staples Looking For A New Owner After Failure Of Office Depot Merger

Nearly a year after the Staples-Office Depot lovefest ended in a broken engagement following federal regulators’ anti-trust lawsuit, Staples is ready to move on, apparently with a private equity firm.  [More]

Morton Fox

Twitter Reportedly Met With Yahoo To Discuss Possible Merger

As Yahoo prepared to dissect a second round of bids for its core internet business — including search, mail, and news sites — the company might have another proposal to ponder: a merger with Twitter.  [More]

(The Joy Of The Mundane)

Hasbro, Mattel Reportedly Talking About Making One Big Toy Company To End All Others

Imagine a world where G.I. Joe marries Barbie (or Ken) and then they both drive off in their Hot Wheels car to their My Little Pony ranch — and all these products come from the same company. It’s a possibility, with Mattel and Hasbro reportedly chatting about merging the contents of their respective toy chests.

Would Practical Wisdom Improve Customer Service?

Would Practical Wisdom Improve Customer Service?

Barry Schwartz spoke at TED this past February about “practical wisdom,” a classical term that Schwartz redefines in a modern context as knowing when and how to make exceptions to every rule, and when and how to improvise. His point, largely, is that a lot of modern life would run more efficiently, and more justly, if people would stop blindly following and enforcing rules when they become absurd.