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Live In An Apartment? Have No Yard? You Can Still Have A Yard Sale

Now that it’s summer, that means it’s time to sell your unwanted crap while sitting in front of your home. But how do you have a yard sale without a yard or a garage sale without a garage? Don’t worry. There are ways to sell your crap if you live in an apartment. [More]

(Associated Press/Sotheby's)

We Are Never Going To Stop Hoping ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Will Happen To Us

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a bajillion and four times — we just know there’s some kind of prize out there waiting for us to find, buy for a paltry sum like say, $3, and then discover that it’s worth a whole lotta money. One lucky person snagged a $3 bowl at a tag sale in 2007 and displayed it in the living room for a few years before having it examined. It just sold at auction for $2.2 million. Sigh. [Associated Press] [More]