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(Rayce Sugitan)

T-Mobile iPhone Preorder Customer Rewarded With Getting Her Phone Next Wednesday

Today, the iPhone goes on sale from T-Mobile, which is something that many of our readers are very excited about. After years of being with the only major carrier without the phone, who can blame them? While people who line up in stores today will walk away cradling the precious, precious phone in their hands, some people who got a jump on ordering will have to wait for a while. [More]


Four Days Until The T-Mobile iPhone Goes On Sale…How Are Those Pre-orders Going?

As you most likely know, T-Mobile will begin officially selling the iPhone on Friday, without a subsidy or required contract. That’s the good news. Excited customers could start placing pre-orders last Friday, a week before the official launch. How’s that working out for them? Reader Richard filed this report from Pre-order City. [More]