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Samsung Trademarked “Hello” In Europe. But What Does It Mean?

Apple has the iPhone and Siri, Amazon has Echo and Alexa, and Google has Home and Ok Google. Now it appears that it is Samsung’s turn to wade into the connected device and virtual assistant world, as the tech giant recently filed a trademark in Europe for a system dubbed “Hello” that sounds a lot like the already crowded field of digital assistants. [More]

(Nicholas Eckhart)

Investigation Finds Tesla’s Autopilot Functioned Properly In Fatal Crash

As expected, federal safety regulators closed a months-long investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot feature after the fatal crash occurred when the semi-autonomous driving feature was activated, finding that the collision was not the result of a defect in the feature. [More]


Are More Airline Outages Inevitable? Some Experts Think So

In just the past two weeks, two major airlines have suffered massive technical glitches, bringing their operations to a screeching halt, canceling thousand of flights, and stranding thousands of passengers. But a new report suggests that even more devastating glitches are likely to happen thanks in part to an aging U.S. airline reservation system technology.  [More]


System For Recalling Defective Tires Is “Broken,” Says Federal Safety Agency

When a manufacturer recalls a vehicle for a safety defect, they’re required to contact owners of the affected models and provide a remedy for the issue free of charge. But federal investigators say this sort of smooth recall just isn’t possible for tires because the current tire recall system is “completely broken.” [More]

Amazon Tweaks Review System To Crack Down On Fakes, Highlight The Most Helpful Entries

Amazon Tweaks Review System To Crack Down On Fakes, Highlight The Most Helpful Entries

Amazon is taking its recent crackdown on fraudulent reviews a step further by implementing a system to ensure customers see the most authentic – and helpful – reviews of a product first. [More]

DC Scraps Zone System, Cabbies Threaten To Strike

DC Scraps Zone System, Cabbies Threaten To Strike

Cab rides in Washington will soon be cheaper thanks to Mayor Adrian Fenty’s decision to scrap the DC’s antiquated and expensive zone system in favor of the modern meter system found in any respectable city. Cheaper fares for residents means less profit for cabbies. Said one: “There is no way we can make a living on a [time-and-distance] meter.”

“The talk of a strike is in the formulation plans,” said Nathan Price, a driver for Yellow Cab Company of D.C. Inc. and a spokesman for the D.C. Professional Taxicab Drivers Association (PTDA).