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Piece Of ‘Costume Jewelry’ From Flea Market Was Really Diamond Now Worth $454K

Have you ever wondered whether there’s something very valuable sitting around your house, and you don’t even know it? A woman in England bought what she thought was a costume jewelry ring 30 years ago, and wore it all the time. It turned out to be a 26-carat diamond, which is expected to sell for up to $454,000 at auction this summer. [More]

(Reuben Whitehouse)

Man Forgets About Lottery Tickets, Finds $2.9M Winner In His Truck

Maybe there’s a trick to having a winning lottery ticket — perhaps if you ignore your tickets and don’t check to see if they’re winners right away, they’ll suddenly turn into millions of dollars in prize money. That’s what happened to a New York auto shop owner who found he’d had $2.9 million sitting in his truck, waiting for him to collect. [More]