Dell Helpfully Installs Yet Another Gaping Security Hole On Some Laptops

That big fat “Superfish”-style security hole in Dell laptops that we told you about yesterday? Turns out, it’s not alone. There’s another basically just like it on Dell laptops, too. ZDNet has instructions for how to remove these troublesome certificates from your laptop if it has them. [ZDNet]

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Some Dell Laptops Shipping With Big Security Flaw Pre-Installed

There are millions of Dell laptops out there in the world; businesses buy them by the tens of thousands and plenty of home consumers use them too. And unfortunately, that means there are millions of laptops out there with a big fat security hole that could allow mischief-makers and would-be-thieves a way to access users’ private, theoretically secure data. [More]

Here’s How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Superfish Vulnerability On Your New Lenovo Laptop

Here’s How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Superfish Vulnerability On Your New Lenovo Laptop

Computer manufacturer Lenovo rightly caught heat far and wide from every corner of the internet this week after security researchers discovered a massive security flaw that shipped pre-installed as advertising software. Lenovo should never have put the intrusive software on their computers in the first place, but there is some good news today, as the company is now sharing a list of what computers were affected, and how owners of their machines can remove this junk crap from their systems. [More]

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Lenovo Laptops Come Pre-Installed With Giant Security Hole

It’s not uncommon for a new PC to come with some pre-installed crap on it you don’t want. From proprietary hard drive management tools to antivirus trials, software bundling is sadly common. But the junk shipping on new Lenovo laptops goes one troublesome step further: the bloatware present on several models is not only annoying, but dangerous, with a vulnerability that could let someone easily access users’ private, nominally secure data. [More]


Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi Among Stores Pledging To Not Sell Genetically Engineered Seafood

With the FDA looking like it’s about to approve one company’s genetically engineered salmon, some of the nation’s larger grocery store chains have pledged to not sell any form of genetically engineered seafood if/when it’s available to consumers. [More]