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Why Do Low-Fat Cheeses Always Have Lady Mascots?

Why Do Low-Fat Cheeses Always Have Lady Mascots?

Hold it right there, fella! You, with the reduced fat Galbani string cheese in your hand! Don’t you know that stuff is for the ladies? Otherwise, why would all the less fatty cheese options feature a female character with flowing locks, while the regular fat packages have a male anthropomorphized cheese stick? [More]


Dairy Crisis Averted: Advertising Group Weighs In On String Cheese War

When there’s a cheese war raging, who’re you gonna call to settle things? If it’s a fight over whether or not a product is being incorrectly advertised, The National Advertising Division (an offshoot of the Council of Better Business Bureaus) often weighs in. This time, it’s addressing a string cheese dispute between two different companies, in the hopes that we can all just relax and enjoy some cheese. [More]

Two examples of possible bad cheese.

Spoiler Alert: Kraft Recalls 735,000 Cases Of String Cheese Because It Might Go Bad Early

Kraft Foods Group isn’t stringing anyone along — pun intended, obviously — with a voluntary recall of certain varieties of Kraft and Polly-O String Cheese and String Cheese Twists. The problem is that no one likes eating processed cheese that’s past its time, and about 735,000 cases might be doing just that. [More]

Look out!

October Recall Roundup: High Chairs, Herring, And Metal Shards

In this months’ recalls: wood cleaner sprays users in the face, wooden porch swings collapse, there’s Listeria everywhere, and an unusual number of herring products are recalled for unrelated reasons That number: two. [More]