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Barbara J. Perenic | Columbus Dispatch

State Fair Ride Breaks In Pieces, Killing One Person And Injuring Seven More

Thrill-seekers flocked to the Ohio State Fair for its opening on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, the evening turned tragic as one “aggressive thrill” ride broke to pieces with passengers still on it, killing one rider and critically injuring several others. [More]


9 Outrageous Menu Items You’ll Only Find At A State Fair

When yours truly was a kid, eating at the State Fair meant grabbing some fried cheese curds, a funnel cake, and resigning oneself to a coating of that unique combination of powdered sugar and sweat. Things are not so simple in the new millennium, however. [More]

(frankieleon) These are not the exact dolls fairgoers were looking for.

Fair Worker Charged With Fraud After Giving Players Hello Kitty Dolls They Didn’t Actually Win

You’ve just shelled out a ridiculous amount of money to fling darts at a wall of balloons and hope you can somehow pop enough of them to win the giant stuffed prize that’s hanging there, taunting you in the face of your failure every time. Who hasn’t wanted to just slip a couple of extra bills to a fair worker to get the big Hello Kitty and win the day? Doing just that ended with a state fair worker in handcuffs for accepting bribes. [More]

Small Claims Court Winners Having Trouble Collecting Money From Elusive "Spa Man"

Small Claims Court Winners Having Trouble Collecting Money From Elusive "Spa Man"

“People think when they come to court that they are going to get instant relief,” said Judge Rebecca Dallet of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. “We can give what the law allows, but we have no way of getting the money for them. I don’t think people realize that.”