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Why Didn’t Staples And Office Depot Bother With A Defense Against The FTC?

On Tuesday evening, a federal judge in Washington, DC issued a preliminary injunction preventing the merger of Staples and Office Depot. The two companies called off their merger after that, but here’s the thing about the hearing: the FTC presented its case against the formation of an international office supply Voltron, but the stores decided not to put up a defense. In hindsight, that seems like a terrible idea. Why would they do that? [More]

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Staples And Office Depot Will Move On As Strong, Confident, Single Office Supply Stores

Plans for other things at Staples and Office Depot have been on hold for months now, as the two companies waited to find out whether the Federal Trade Commission would allow their proposed merger to go through. Yesterday, the FTC was granted a preliminary injunction to stop the merger, and the two companies called off their engagement. What will they do now? They’ll make it on their own. Somehow. [More]