Staples To Close 225 Stores Over Next 20 Months

Staples To Close 225 Stores Over Next 20 Months

There’s bad news for employees of another major national retailer after Staples announced this morning that it plans to shutter 225 of its stores before the end of 2015 as it tries to cut costs and deal with sagging sales. [More]

What you pay for this stapler at will depend on your ZIP code. & Others Charge You Different Prices Based On Where You Live

Most of us know that prices at a retail chain can vary from location to location. Conversely, many people assume shopping online means they’re getting the same price as everyone else in the country. Not always. [More]

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Staples Gave Me A $50 Discount Just Because I Asked For One

Back in November, Consumerist reader M. bought an office chair through at $50 off the $300 regular price. She liked the chair a lot so she wanted to get another one, but the price had gone back up. Couldn’t hurt to ask for the lower amount, right? [More]