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Jon Fingas

[Update] Sony’s Fall Plans: Two New PS4 Versions, Price Hike For PlayStation Plus

Ah, September: time for the kids to head back to school, the air to get a little crisper, and the tech companies to get all their stuff launched so folks can plan to get it before the many-months-long Holiday cycle hits in earnest. And reports say that Sony’s planning not just one but two new PlayStation models for store shelves this year as days shorten. [More]

Never saw this name coming.

Sony Announces New Game Console And It’s Called… The PlayStation 4

UPDATE: The press conference finally ended just after 8 p.m., with the revelation that the PS4 will be released “Holiday 2013.” No images of the actual console and alas, no pricing info. Dang. [More]

Why Doesn’t Sony Playstation Network Want My Money?

Why Doesn’t Sony Playstation Network Want My Money?

Jonathan’s sons sometimes want to buy downloadable content for their Playstation 3 games. He’s perfectly happy to buy this content for them, because he’s a nice dad like that. Unfortunately, his money is no good at Sony. He uses his credit card to add $10 to his virtual wallet. Then the same card won’t work immediately afterward. Neither will a different card. [More]