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Owners Of Spark Drones Face Grounding If They Don’t Install Fix That Keeps Devices From Losing Power

The fun part about drones? The way they zip through the sky. Not so fun? If they come crashing to the ground unexpectedly. That’s why the maker of popular Spark drones is telling owners they’ll have to install an update that keeps their aircraft aloft — or face grounding. [More]

Rayce Sugitan

Will The Upcoming iOS Update Render iPhone 5, 5C Obsolete?

If you’re still married to your iPhone 5 or 5c, you might have heard worrisome reports that Apple’s next major phone update would be the end of software support for these devices, effectively rendering them obsolete. However, that may not be the case [More]


Got An Older Kindle? Update Your Device By March 22 Or It Won’t Connect To The Internet

Unless you’re happy reading the material that’s on your older Kindle right now forever and ever, you’ll want to heed Amazon’s advice, and quick: some e-readers will need to be updated by March 22, or they’ll lose the ability to connect to the Internet. [More]