snap spectacles

Snap Spectacles

Report: Snap Has Hundreds Of Thousands Of Spectacles Stashed In Warehouses

A few weeks ago, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel bragged that the company had sold 150,000 pairs of its “spectacles,” sunglasses that are able to take 10-second video clips and post them online. Spiegel claimed to be satisfied with the first iteration’s sales of around 150,000 pairs. What he didn’t mention was that there are reportedly a lot more unsold Snap specs. [More]

Snap Has Sold Around 150K Pairs Of Video-Taking Sunglasses

Snap Has Sold Around 150K Pairs Of Video-Taking Sunglasses

Last year, Snap, parent company of the app Snapchat, introduced a whimsical single-purpose product. Its Spectacles, originally available only from vending machines in a few major cities, cost $130 and record 10-second video clips to be posted on Snapchat. That’s it. Somehow, the company claims to have sold 150,000 of these devices. [More]