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U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Customs Officials Put The Kibosh On Literal Snail Mail

It doesn’t have to be a slow news day to get a chuckle out of the news that U.S Customers and Border Protection officials recently stopped a shipment of literal snail mail from entering the country. [More]

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JCPenney Revives Print Catalog Because People Use It To Shop Online

In general, your mailbox probably contains fewer catalogs than it used to. Retailer JCPenney killed off their dead-tree division back in 2010, choosing to follow American shoppers online. Or so they thought. The company is bringing back a catalog filled with housewares after learning that the print catalog actually led to more online sales. [More]

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Woman Receives A Birthday Card From Her Parents — That They Mailed In 1969

While neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the couriers of the United States Postal Service from their appointed rounds, someone’s got some explaining to do as to why a birthday card mailed in 1969 just reached its intended recipient, 45 years later. [More]

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Digitizing Your Mail: For When You Can’t Bear For Any Part Of Your Life To Be Offline

Back when the iPhone first came out, the popular tagline floating out there was “There’s an app for that.” Want to order food? Tagline. Want to dump your significant other? Tagline. Perform life-saving surgery? Tagline. It’s gotten to the point now, however, where there really does seem to be an online tool for living the reality of our offline lives. But would you want someone viewing and then digitizing your snail mail?  [More]

AT&T just loves you so much.

Why Can’t AT&T Leave Me And My Mailbox Alone?

Tonya has had it. She makes a habit of contacting companies that send her junk mail and asking them to stop, because she’d rather not have anyone kill trees to tell her about products she didn’t want in the first place. Most companies have been very good about this, but there’s one notable exception. She’s been fighting with AT&T to be removed from the U-Verse mailing list for a year and a half now. They won’t leave her alone. She wrote to the CEO, who passed her on to her very own executive customer service representative. This person hasn’t been able to stop the mail, either. [More]

U.S. Postal Service's Big Budget Cuts Will Slow First-Class Delivery

U.S. Postal Service's Big Budget Cuts Will Slow First-Class Delivery

That nice feeling you get when a card you mailed your friend arrives the very next day? It’s going to be a thing of the past, as huge cuts by the U.S. Postal Service will ensure that no stamped letters will arrive so fast, as well as a general slowdown in first-class mail delivery. [More]

USPS Delivers Letter… 66 Years Late

USPS Delivers Letter… 66 Years Late

If you’ve ever lost a piece of mail through the USPS, this story might give you hope that your grandchildren might eventually find out what happened to it. [More]

"Do Not Mail" Junk Mail Registry Called For By Green Group

"Do Not Mail" Junk Mail Registry Called For By Green Group

ForestEthics has started a petition to enact a Do Not Mail registry, similar to the one that’s sort of in effect (when marketers choose to abide by it) for telemarketing. Their reasoning: junk mail is enormously wasteful and damaging to the environment. We agree, but we’re in favor of the registry for the simple reason that less junk mail means fewer uninvited distractions, ID theft risks, and trash we’d have to deal with every day.