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(Eric Allix Rogers)

Walmart Comes To Town, Other Stores Close, Then Walmart Leaves

The Walmart Express experiment was a teeny proportion of the more than 5,000 stores that the retailer claims across the United States: fewer than 150 tiny Walmarts in small towns across the country. Walmart pulling the plug on its experiment has a very real and very terrible effect on the people who live in those small towns. In some places, it leaves them without any local grocery stores or pharmacies. [More]


Comcast Sells Me Data Speeds It Can’t Possibly Deliver

Andrea needs high-speed Internet access to get her work done. Really high speed. Faster than your average DSL or satellite Internet connection; faster than what she gets once everyone in her town gets home from work or school and starts playing Facebook games or downloading torrents or whatever it is they do. She can get the level of service that she pays for and actually needs, but only for a few hours a day. [More]

25 Towns Where Homes Are Affordable

25 Towns Where Homes Are Affordable

CNNMoney has a list of 25 towns where the price of a house isn’t much more than the median family income. Guess where they all are?