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Six Flags Roller Coaster Derailed After Riders Hit Tree

Of all the things you’d think could go wrong on a roller coaster, hitting a tree isn’t usually high on the list. But it will be for the 22 coaster riders who were left stranded after their cars derailed because of arboreal interference. [More]


Six Flags Magic Mountain Has A Waiting List To Reach The Lost & Found Dept.

All over the L.A. area, there are clubs, restaurants, and parties where people would do just about anything to get “on the list,” but we think the lost-and-found folks at Six Flags Magic Mountain might have taken that idea to a ridiculous end. [More]

Six Flags Saves Dog Left In Car, Then Loses Dog

Six Flags Saves Dog Left In Car, Then Loses Dog

If you visit California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain while vacationing with your dog, it’s probably not a good idea to bring your dog with you. Dogs aren’t fans of roller coasters… well, that, and and non-service animals aren’t allowed inside the park. For this reason, Six Flags provides a free kennel for the pets of guests. One recent visitor to the park was upset after her service dog escaped from the kennel. After all, she had never put the dog there in the first place. She had left her in the car. [More]