(Live from the National Corvette Museum)

Corvette Museum Decides To Fill In Popular Sinkhole Attraction

A sinkhole that swallowed eight classic cars at the National Corvette Museum in February has become an unexpected hit, drawing in tourists who seem to be as into the gaping pit as they are interested in vintage automobiles. Alas, gawkers must gawk their last soon, as the museum has finally decided to fill in the hole. [More]


50-Foot Sinkhole Swallows Part Of Florida Resort

Don’t you just hate that sinking feeling you get when, well, the resort you’re vacationing at sinks into the ground? It’s no fun getting away only to have the villa get away from you. Guests at a resort villa in central Florida had to evacuate on Sunday night, just hours before a sinkhole swallowed up 30% of the structure. [More]

VIDEO: Sonic Drive-Thru Gets Eaten By A Massive Sinkhole

VIDEO: Sonic Drive-Thru Gets Eaten By A Massive Sinkhole

Ever wonder what it would be like if the ground opened up and swallowed a Sonic whole? Well the people of Cleveland, GA, almost got to see just that when much of their local fast food joint — along with the parking lot of the neighboring car wash — sunk several feet into the earth earlier this week.


Want To Experience Retail Crack? Try Swoopo

Want To Experience Retail Crack? Try Swoopo

Just in case that headline doesn’t make it clear: we do not recommend you try Swoopo, because you do not want to experience retail crack. Stay far, far away from Swoopo. Swoopo will feed into every gambling and spending impulse buried in the irrational parts of your brain, and suck up your money. There’s a reason the site describes itself as “entertainment shopping.”