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EA Finally Decides You Don’t Need To Be Online To Play SimCity

EA Finally Decides You Don’t Need To Be Online To Play SimCity

When reigning two-time Worst Company In America champ Electronic Arts released the hugely anticipated SimCity game in April 2013, it unleashed a hornets’ nest of bad publicity by not only requiring that players be online in order to use the game but also grossly underestimating its ability to deal with all of those users trying to play the game at the same time. Many owners of the game were unable to play for weeks until EA resolved the issue, but the company stood by the ill-advised decision to require an Internet connection. Now, ten months and ten updates later, it’s finally relenting. [More]

EA says you just don't yet see the beauty of always-connected games.

EA Says It Rejected Offline Play For SimCity Because “It Didn’t Fit With Our Vision”

The brouhaha over Electronic Arts’ decision to require an Internet connection in order to play its highly anticipated SimCity 5 game continues, and the latest words from the company executive at the center of this mess probably won’t do much to calm matters. [More]

EA is really working to avoid a repeat Worst Company In America win.

EA Admits Its Own Stupidity, Will Give Away Free Games To People Who Bought SimCity

After days of being the gaming world’s punching bag for its failure to foresee that it was woefully unprepared for the number of users who would want to begin playing the long-awaited latest edition of SimCity, the folks at EA, the reigning Worst Company In America, are apologizing and admitting they made a stupid mistake. [More]

Probably not a good sign.

Amazon Pulls SimCity 5 Downloads Amid Furor Over Constant Crashing & Slow Servers

Remember that whole outrage over SimCity 5? Yeah, it hasn’t gone away since this morning, when the powers that be at EA and Maxis said they were trying their very best to get more servers up and running. A few things have changed today, but the complaints keep rolling in on Consumerist’s tip line as well as all over social media. Amazon has subsequently suspended the game’s availability for digital download as well. [More]

We built this city on -- wait, I can't build a thing.

Here’s Why The Launch Of SimCity 5 Ticked A Lot Of People Off This Week

On Tuesday, EA released the highly anticipated newest iteration of SimCity, a game that fans have been waiting years for, eagerly counting down the days until they could flex their god-like creation muscles and craft fresh societies as they see fit. Except SimCity 5 can’t be played offline, unleashing a torrent of complaints about crashing games and slow and wholly unavailable servers. Consumerist’s Worst Company In America 2012, everybody. [More]