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Sierra Nevada Issues Beer Recall In 35 States Because Glass Is Not Part Of An IPA

Whether or not you like an India Pale Ale or a hoppy beer is a matter of personal taste, but glass is never supposed to be part of a cool beverage. Unfortunately, thanks to a manufacturing defect, it’s possible that some could end up in a variety of Sierra Nevada beers, and so the company has issued a massive recall of recently-bottled beer spanning 35 states and DC. [More]

Lagunitas Brewing Company filed a lawsuit Monday claiming Sierra Nevada Brewing Company infringed on its trademarks. The suit was dropped two days later.

Lagunitas To Drop Trademark Suit Against Sierra Nevada After Twitter Backlash

Just two days after Northern California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against fellow craft brewer Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the company’s founder announced he would drop the case following backlash from a court of a different kind: that of public opinion. [More]

Sierra Nevada's Cool, Refreshing Customer Service

Sierra Nevada's Cool, Refreshing Customer Service

Marty recently bought three cases of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for his wedding, only to have his fiance discover that the beer had been bottled almost two years ago. Marty would never serve his wedding guests skunky beer. We would have returned the beer to the store, Total Wine & More in Alexandria, VA, but Marty decided to call Sierra Nevada. Their response, after the jump…