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(Ashi Fachler)

Labor Dept. Tries To Clarify When Workers Are “Employees” Or “Contractors”

Where is a business supposed to draw the line between a traditional employee and an independent contractor hired by the company? Some say it’s a question of hours worked, or whether the position is project-based, while others claim it’s whatever the company and the worker agree to call it. In an effort to clarify the matter, the U.S. Dept. of Labor has chimed in with new guidance for employers.

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McDonald’s Reminds Customers That It No Longer Uses Pink Slime In Burgers

The Internet is a vast landscape of knowledge just waiting to be mined for your personal edification. But just like Winston Churchill didn’t say “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” just because someone slapped a caption on a photo of the guy and plastered it all over Facebook, not everything you read about fast food is necessarily true. [More]


US Airways responds to a stunningly stupid and inaccurate piece in the Washington Post that attempts to link the practice of overbooking to the death of Carol Anne Gotbaum. Ms. Gotbaum was not bumped due to overbooking, but was denied boarding because she arrived late. [Washington Post]