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(Lyman Green)

Cable Company Sends Refund Check That Bounces, Bills Customer Twice For Service He Doesn’t Have

When Consumerist reader Andy canceled his Time Warner Cable service back in November he expected to get a small refund. But he got more than he bargained for: a bounced check fee, followed several months later by bills for service he no longer had. [More]

Mike Mozart

Staples Still Doing Well After Failed Office Depot Merger; 70 North American Staples Stores To Close

While we consumers think of Staples as the brick-and-mortar retailer that we go to when we need a printer cartridge, that’s not how the company thinks of itself. After a disappointing quarter of sales while the company is still trying to get over the breakup of its engagement to Office Depot, its leaders told investors that they plan to focus on services, including delivery to offices and to homes. [More]