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Matthew Keys

Comcast Unable To Shut Down Lawsuit Over “Deceptive” Service Protection Plans & Fees

In August, Washington state sued Comcast, alleging that the cable giant had deceived hundreds of thousands of customers in the state about an add-on service intended to cover the cost of service calls. Comcast later sought to have the case dismissed, calling it a “profound mischaracterization” of the company’s business practices, but the court recently allowed the matter to move forward over Comcast’s objections. [More]


Comcast Fights Back Against Washington State’s Potential $3.6B Deceptive Service Plan Lawsuit

In August, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson slammed Comcast with a potentially massive lawsuit, accusing the cable/internet giant of violating state consumer protection laws nearly two million times by using allegedly deceptive marketing for its Service Protection Plans. Now, Comcast is firing back at Ferguson, claiming the state’s complaint is “premised on a profound mischaracterization of Comcast’s actual business practices.” [More]