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Company That Makes Wet Wipes Agrees Not To Call Products “Flushable” Unless It Can Prove It

After pleas from sewage workers and hearing from plumbers who say flushable wipes are actually not flushable or good for sewer systems, one company that makes wet wipes for retail partners has agreed to stop marketing its products as safe for flushing, unless it can substantiate that claim. [More]


Add “Hide In Septic Tanks” To List Of Things People May Endure In Order To Peep

While you might not make it a habit to plumb the depths of a toilet’s septic tank with your eyes before you use it, it might be good to make a visual sweep part of your bathroom habit after a woman spotted a man ensconced in just such a spot at a women’s bathroom at an Oklahoma water park. Authorities are now claiming he’s a peeping Tom. A smelly, waste-covered, apparently willing to endure incredibly awful situations, peeping Tom. Allegedly. [More]