Sephora Will Get Back To Angry Rewards Customers In Two Weeks (Update: Or A Month)

The Epic Rewards event was supposed to be an opportunity for customers who had accumulated a large number of points in the Sephora’s loyalty program to cash them in for valuable items. The question is: was it a rewards redemption or a sweepstakes that only people who have spent thousands at Sephora could enter? The company has promised to make things right with their customers, but are asking customers to give them 10 business days to figure out how. [More]

(Atwater Village Newbie)

Sephora Explains That “2-Day Shipping” Actually Means “3 To 4 Days”

The other day we told you about an unhappy customer whose expedited order was not delivered on time, and who was stuck with the expedited shipping charges. Sephora now explains to Consumerist that the customer doesn’t understand Sephora’s peculiar take on the definition of “two days.” [More]