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FBI Offering $10,000 Rewards To Help Catch People Pointing Lasers At Airplanes

The government meant it before when the Federal Aviation Authority said it: Pointing lasers at planes flying overhead is a really bad idea and could hurt the pilot or otherwise muck up that aircraft’s flight. To drive that point home, a new FBI campaign is offering a hefty reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of just such a laser user. [More]

"Armed" Man Arrested At Walmart Was "Armed" With A Cellphone

"Armed" Man Arrested At Walmart Was "Armed" With A Cellphone

A Walmart in Missouri went into lockdown after a bystander reported a man in the parking lot was behaving “erratically” and wielding a gun, reports the Kirksville Daily Express. The eyewitness reported that the man was holding a gun to his head. [More]