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Parents Of Two Girls Say Six Flags Workers Insisted They Had To Stay With Their Wheelchairs During Show

The parents of two five-year-old girls who have similar medical conditions and use wheelchairs to get around say they were told at a Texas Six Flags park that their daughters would have to remain sitting in their wheels during a live show, and couldn’t sit on their parents’ laps where they could see better. Either that, or the wheelchairs would have to be parked outside. [More]

Can A Large Person Fly Comfortably Anywhere?

Can A Large Person Fly Comfortably Anywhere?

Deb has an interesting question. She and her husband openly admit that they’re too large to fit in a single seat, so they purchase three seats when they travel by air. The problem, she writes, is that is that even when airline customers are happy to buy more than one seat, they are not actually granted access to multiple seats. Unmovable armrests and other barriers keep passengers of size from actually using the extra seat they have paid for. So, Deb wants to know: what’s a fat frequent flier to do? [More]