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Adam Fagen

Report: Apple Wants To Release Movies On iTunes While They’re Still in Theaters

Recently, 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures all confirmed they’re looking to offer high-priced, home-video rentals of new movies soon after they’re released in theaters. And according to a new report, Apple wants a piece of that pie. [More]


Movie Theater Owners Brush Off Idea Of $50 Opening-Day Home Video Releases

Last week, we told you about Screening Room, the streaming video startup from Napster co-founder and guy-who-was-played-by-Justin-Timberlake-in-that-Facebook-movie Sean Parker that hopes to sell home video access to new movies the same they hit theaters. Even though the Screening Room model reportedly includes plans to share the wealth with theater owners, an industry lobbying group is shrugging off the idea. [More]


Napster & Facebook’s Sean Parker Thinks You’ll Pay $50 To Watch New Movies At Home

The latest effort to convince studios they can simultaneously release major new titles theatrically and on home video comes from Napster co-founder and old-school Facebook-backer Sean Parker, who believes that the $50 price point isn’t too high for people looking to watch a blockbuster at home instead of trekking to the theater. [More]