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Ken Fager

Ford Recalls Additional 1.5 Million Vehicles With Defective Door Latches

After two years of federal investigations and one rather large recall, the ongoing saga of Ford’s issues with doors that just won’t stay shut entered a new chapter Thursday, as the carmaker said nearly 1.5 million additional vehicles are afflicted with the issue.  [More]

Mitsubishi Recalls 45K Outlander Sports Over Fire Concerns

Mitsubishi Recalls 45K Outlander Sports Over Fire Concerns

Generally speaking you don’t want your vehicle to leak in any way: gas, oil, or any other fluid. For that reason, Mitsubishi is recalling more than 45,000 vehicles that may leak transmission fluid, increasing the risk of a fire.  [More]

Intel Recalls Basis Peak Smartwatches For Overheating

Intel Recalls Basis Peak Smartwatches For Overheating

Smartwatches can do a lot of things: tell the time, show text messages, read your heart rate. But one thing they aren’t supposed to do is overheat, burning wearers. For that reason, Intel says it is recalling all of its Basis Peak watches.  [More]

IKEA Recalls 80,000 Safety Gates & Extenders Over Fall Hazards

IKEA Recalls 80,000 Safety Gates & Extenders Over Fall Hazards

On the heels of its recall of 29 million dressers linked to three toddler deaths, IKEA announced this week that it would also call back 80,000 safety gates and safety gate extensions due to potential fall hazards.


Ken Fager

Ford Recalls 271K Trucks Over Brake Issue Linked To 9 Crashes

While you can debate the best features in the many pickup trucks available, we can all agree that a feature no one wants are faulty brake lines, like the ones resulting in a new recall of 271,000 Ford F-150 trucks. [More]

I Am Rob

Takata Ordered To Recall Up To 40 Million Additional Airbags

Hours after reports began swirling that federal regulators were poised to more than double the already massive Takata airbag inflator recall at some point this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it had amended a previous order and directed the Japanese parts maker to add 35 to 40 million additional airbags to the recall list that already includes 28 million shrapnel-shooting airbags.  [More]

Samuel M. Livingston

Deadly Airbag Recall Expected To Grow By Up To 35 Million This Week

Takata’s massive airbag inflator recall could more than double this week, as U.S. safety regulators are reportedly poised to announced the addition of 35 million safety devices to the recall list that already includes 28 million shrapnel-shooting airbags.  [More]


Nissan Recalls 3.7M Vehicles Over Airbag issues

Two years after recalling 1 million vehicles because of faulty airbags, and a year after federal regulators questioned whether that fix had worked, Nissan is giving the whole airbag recall thing another shot: recalling 3.7 million vehicles that contain airbags that might not deploy properly in the event of a crash.  [More]


Fiat Chrysler Recalling 811K Dodge, Jeep Vehicles Over Confusing Gear Shifts

Two months after federal safety regulators expanded their investigation into Fiat Chrysler vehicles after receiving more than 100 complaints about crashes and injuries resulting from drivers inadvertently leaving their vehicles in gear with the engine running, the carmaker is officially recalling 811,000 SUVs and sedans equipped with the confusing electronic gear shifter.  [More]


More Than 1M Chevy, GMC Trucks Recalled Over Seatbelt Defect

Properly secured seatbelts can prevent someone from being thrown around a vehicle in the event of a crash, potentially saving their lives. That may not be the case for nearly a million General Motors pickup trucks, which contain seatbelts that may not actually hold the driver in a crash.  [More]

Mike Mozart

Toyota Recalls 58K Camry, Avalon Sedans Over Airbag Deployment Issue

Most newer cars are equipped with a system that can detect whether or not a person is sitting in the front seat. If they are, the system will ensure that the airbags deploy in the event of a crash. But for 58,510 Toyota vehicles now being recalled that feature isn’t working correctly. [More]

Fisher-Price Recalls 34,000 Cradles Over Safety Concerns

Fisher-Price Recalls 34,000 Cradles Over Safety Concerns

After receiving two reports from consumers that the seat in its Cradle ’n Swings infant swing can fall to the ground, Fisher-Price has issued a recall of the devices.  [More]


BMW Recalls, Stops Sale Of Some New Sedans Because Airbags Should Deploy In A Crash

BMW is no stranger to airbag issues as one of more than a dozen carmakers dealing with the massive Takata airbag defect. Now, though, the company is working to resolved a different airbag issue by recalling more than 6,000 sedans and issuing a stop sale on the vehicles, which contain safety devices that may not deploy when needed.  [More]


Honda Recalls 11K Sedans Because They Contain The Wrong Airbag

Over the past several years, Honda has recalled nearly eight million vehicles equipped with Takata airbags that can shoot shrapnel at drivers and passengers upon deployment. While replacing those safety devices, the carmaker discovered that some vehicles were fitted with the incorrect front passenger airbags.  [More]

Tesla Recalls 2,700 Model X SUVs Because Seats Shouldn’t Fly Forward

Tesla Recalls 2,700 Model X SUVs Because Seats Shouldn’t Fly Forward

Tesla may be basking in the afterglow of receiving 325,000 preorders for its upcoming Model 3 in just one week, but the electric car company hasn’t forgotten about its other two models, including its recently released SUV now being recalled over seat issues.  [More]

Samuel M. Livingston

Tenth Takata-Related Death Reported In Texas

The death last month of a Texas driver has been ruled to be the tenth in the U.S. — eleventh worldwide — related to the massive recall of Takata airbags that can shoot shrapnel at drivers and passengers upon deployment.  [More]

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Volkswagen Recalls 91,000 Diesel-Engine Passats Over Fire Concerns

Volkswagen’s diesel-engine vehicles haven’t exactly had a great few months, what with federal regulators finding that 500,000 of the vehicles contain “defeat devices” that cheat emission standards. Issues for the cars continued this week as the carmaker announced it would recall 91,000 Passat TDI sedans over fire concerns.  [More]

Eric Arnold

VW, Porsche Recall 800,477 SUVs Because Pedals Shouldn’t Be Loose

When preparing to hit your car’s brake pedal, the last thing you want is for the control to be broken. Unfortunately, that could be the case for more than 800,000 Volkswagen and Porsche SUVs.  [More]