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Of Course The Rolls-Royce Driverless Electric Car Has A Silk Sofa & A Light-Up Red Carpet

Of Course The Rolls-Royce Driverless Electric Car Has A Silk Sofa & A Light-Up Red Carpet

Listen, anyone expecting a Rolls-Royce vehicle that isn’t insanely luxurious and likely very, very expensive is living in a dream world. So we’re not shocked whatsoever to learn that BMW’s plan for a driverless, electric Rolls Royce includes such niceties as a silk love seat, light-up red carpet, and a virtual assistant owners will probably end up falling in love with a la Her. [More]

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Rolls-Royce Recalls One Car… Yes, You Read That Right

In the past year, automakers have recalled millions upon millions of vehicle for airbag issues. Bucking that trend is Rolls-Royce, which announced this week that it would recall one car. That’s right a single – very expensive – vehicle because of a problem with the safety device.  [More]

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Rolls-Royce Announces It’s Working On Its First Foray Into The SUV Market

Because there just aren’t enough luxury cars out there already that we can’t possibly ever dream of affording, Rolls-Royce has decided to throw its expensive hat in the ring, announcing plans for the automaker’s first sport utility vehicle. Just don’t call it an SUV. [More]

Rolls Royce Unveils $1.6 Million Electric Car

Rolls Royce Unveils $1.6 Million Electric Car

At the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland, Rolls Royce unveiled its foray into the electric car market: The 102EX, which has zero emissions, go 0-60mph in under eight seconds and will get you 125 miles on a single charge… all for the projected price of around $1.6 million. [More]

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Two Airlines Ground Airbus A380s After Qantas Engine Explosion

After what Australian airline Qantas calls a “significant engine failure” during a flight from Singapore to Sydney, both it and Singapore Airlines have temporarily grounded their fleets of Airbus A380 jumbo jets. [More]