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American Girl Will Move And Experiment With Its Store In NYC, ‘Evolve As A Total Brand’

Visiting an American Girl Doll store is an amazing bit of “experiential retail,” which is a thing that people actually say. The stores offer a historical fiction and a highly customizable world designed around school-age girls. The company’s flagship store in Manhattan is at the end of its lease, and is moving to a space in Rockefeller Center that will be even more easily found by tourists. It will include a “media studio,” massive party rooms, and other features for an immersive brand-centric experience. [More]

Our resident artist's rendition of what Comcast will do to the Prometheus Fountain at Rock Center (photo: Michael Colwell)

Comcast One Step Closer To Slapping Its Logo On Top Of 30 Rock

Comcast may have its global HQ inside the world’s tallest thumb drive here in Philadelphia — and it’s even building a huge middle finger right next door to reaffirm that Philly is Kabletown USA — but the real real-estate cherry in its portfolio has yet to be adorned with the Comcast logo: 30 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. [More]