Nicholas Eckhart

Logan’s Roadhouse Files For Bankruptcy, Will Close 18 Locations

No road trip would be complete without stopping by a kitschy restaurant right off the highway. Travelers will soon have slightly fewer eateries to choose from as Logan’s Roadhouse filed for bankruptcy Monday, detailing plans to close more than a dozen of its locations.  [More]

NewerTech RoadTrip! FM Transmitter Kills iPod

NewerTech RoadTrip! FM Transmitter Kills iPod

It’s bad when purchased electronics don’t work—it’s even worse when they kill one’s precious iPod. Eric Mortensen had a suspiciously bad run of luck with NewerTech’s RoadTrip! FM transmitter for the iPod not once, but three times. The first one took a dive and killed his iPod, as well, probably because it plugs into the dock port of the MP3 player into his car’s power outlet.