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FBI Reportedly Investigating Uber For Spying On Lyft, Others

For about two years, Uber allegedly used a tool dubbed “Hell” to keep an eye on Lyft and other rivals, while also trying to lure away their drivers. This program caught the attention of federal law enforcement, who are now reportedly investigating whether Hell crossed any legal lines.  [More]

Mike Mozart

Target Testing Curbside Pickup For Online Orders…. Again

Sure, Target isn’t new to the online retail game, but the big box chain seems to perpetually be playing catchup to rivals like Walmart and Amazon. Case in point: Target is once again testing a curbside pickup program, a year after shutting down a similar pilot program.  [More]

Jet To Stop Selling Costco’s Kirkland Signature Products

Jet To Stop Selling Costco’s Kirkland Signature Products

If you like Costco’s Kirkland Signature line of store-brand products — encompassing everything from laundry detergent to vodka — but aren’t a Costco member, you’ve had the option of buying some Kirkland items online at Jet.com. But now that Walmart owns Jet, those Kirkland items will be going away. [More]


Where Do Customers Go When Their Department Store Closes?

This year, more than 150 locations for Macy’s and Kmart will close their doors forever. When these stores shut down, where do their former customers take their business? [More]

Amazon says it will stop selling rival streaming services Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

Amazon To Prohibit The Sale Of Apple TV, Google Chromecast

Amazon appears to be taking a page out of Apple’s playbook by removing competitors’ products from its virtual shelves. The e-commerce giant said today that would prohibit the sale of video-streaming devices from rivals Google and Apple that aren’t compatible with its own Prime video service.  [More]

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Analyst: Best Buy’s Prices Now Much Closer To Amazon’s

When looking for the best deal on electronics consumers used to flock to a little chain called Best Buy, but over time Amazon – with the growing convenience of shopping from home, speedy deliveries and discounts – has crowded into the electronic store’s customer pool. Now, after years of playing catchup, it appears that Best Buy has closed the pricing gap with its online rival. [More]

Toyota Officially Testing Airbag Inflators From Takata Rivals

Toyota Officially Testing Airbag Inflators From Takata Rivals

A week after it was reported that Toyota planned to buy 13 million airbag inflators from a rival of Takata in an attempt to reduce the risk associated with millions of recalled safety devices from the Japanese auto parts maker, the car manufacturer announced it will indeed be testing alternative replacement components.  [More]

Walmart Crashes Amazon’s Deal-Filled Birthday Party, Announces Its Own Mega Online Sale

Walmart Crashes Amazon’s Deal-Filled Birthday Party, Announces Its Own Mega Online Sale

UPDATE: Just hours after Walmart pointedly announced it would offer its own mega-sale in response to Amazon’s Prime-member only deal day happening on Wednesday, the online retailer released its own barbed statement, reminding consumers they could avoid missing all the deals by simply signing up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime. [More]


Facebook Might Introduce Hashtags & Twitter Is Like, “Welcome To Five Years Ago”

If the rumors are true and Facebook starts using hashtags, Twitter might get a bit peeved. On one hand, it’s just another symbol sitting there on the keyboard, but on the other, it’s been pretty widely known as strictly Twitter territory. A new report says Facebook wants to get in on the hashtag action, which could elevate the already frosty relationship between the two social networks to ice cold. [More]

Do You Shun Friends With Other Cellphone Carriers?

Do You Shun Friends With Other Cellphone Carriers?

The Times brings us the sad story of Brandy McDowell and Kezia Chandler, two longtime friends whose relationship was shattered when they signed up with rival cellphone companies. The prospect of free mobile-to-mobile minutes has baited many friends groups to sign up or stick with the same carrier, ruining some friendships in the process. The Times article is rife with accounts of people who lost contact with friends banished to wilderness of nights and weekends. Are you loyal to your friends or your wallet? Tell us in our poll, after the jump.