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IBM Working On Robotic Roommate That Helps Elderly Folks Stay Safe

While many people would love to live out the rest of their days happily ensconced in their home, living alone is not always the safest option for elderly folks. But because around-the-clock care — either in a nursing home, assisted living, or from a personal nurse — isn’t always feasible, IBM is working on a robot designed to keep an eye on senior citizens and help them stay safe. [More]

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Marvel, Awesome Scientists Help Kids Build 3D-Printed Mechanical Hands And Bring Out Their Inner Superhero

The dream of becoming a super hero in real life is one that’s shared by millions of kids around the world. But for eight patients of Houston’s Shriners Hospital for Children who are missing part or all of a hand, they got to be the super heroes in reality, teaming up with bioengineers from Rice University and Marvel to build mechanical hands made from plastic parts printed on 3-D printers. [More]