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The Hidden Rewards Miles Charge You Should Know About

It can take time — and a lot of money — to save up enough airlines rewards miles to take the trip of your dreams. But imagine amassing the miles you need for a flight to Europe only to be hit with a $700 surcharge.

Adam Fagen

United Airlines Revamping Some Fees For MileagePlus Members

Determining what fees you’ll have to pay when making changes to your United Airlines itinerary is about to get a bit slightly less complicated for MileagePlus members, as the airline recently unveiled it would create one set of fees for changing and canceling flights.  [More]


It’s About To Get More Difficult To Earn AAdvantage Miles On American Airlines’ Partner Carriers

A month before American Airlines is set to join the likes of rivals United and Delta by rewarding AAdvantage loyalty members with miles based on how much they pay for their ticket, the carrier made additional changes to the way passengers rack up miles when flying with partner airlines.  [More]

Navigating Your Way Through The Fees To Cheaper "Free" Miles

Navigating Your Way Through The Fees To Cheaper "Free" Miles

Hurray, you’ve got some free airline miles to use! The bummer part? Carriers are adding more and bigger surcharges on those frequent flyer miles. There are ways to get the most from your miles, however, without offering up too much of your cash in fees. [More]