Mary Tyler Moore, Oven Sprite

We might have unicorns in Wendy’s commercials but in the 1950’s, they had magical fairies, and Mary Tyler Moore. Before she became Mrs. Dick Van Dyke, Moore was was Happy Hotpoint, a blithe, dancing, 3-inch pixie shilling for Hotpoint appliances on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Become Millionaire With Waterfall Like Tom Vu

Tom Vu knows three little words that will make you rich and put a geyser in your front lawn. But he won’t give up the ghost that easily, you gotta get in your little car and drive on down to his seminar. Be sure to run over any losers you meet along the way.

Boingle Bucket: 70’s Toy Commercial Montage

We saw over at Boing Boing this great montage of 70’s toy commercials. Bing Bang Boing looks particularly awesome… a Rube Goldberg game made entirely of masturbatory paraphernalia. “It’s down the Bingle Flinger, past the Hum Drums, up the Banglevator, through the Flicker Tickler, and into the Boingle Bucket!” Getting your balls in the Boingle Bucket is the last step before you win by reaching the ‘Big O’ square, we assume.

80’s Chevy Cavalier: Live It!

Live today’s Chevrolet with Cavalier! Plus, an interior that comforts your very soul.

Rich Little Big Crazy For Little Debbies

What a delicious Little Debbie commercial starring Rich Little who was famous in his day for his celebrity impersonations.

Get a Tacky Piece of Crap On Your Digits

Look! It’s layered entirely in gold!

Pepsi’s Nostalgic Moonwalk

Ah memories. Michael Jackson was still black and Pepsi’s “New Generation” premise was accepted without ironic interpretation. No one could see the darkness falling as the prince of pop converted prepubescent youth to his soulful freak-beat. The dancing kid is apparently “Carlton” from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The Pantsuits of Yesteryear

The Pantsuits of Yesteryear

Enjoy this fetching new James Lileks vivisection of a vintage 70’s Fredricks of Hollywood catalogue. With plunging satire and swooping prose, it’s sure to guide your eye where it wants to ramble: on the hard-bodied landscapes of retro libertines.

L. Ron Hubbard, In the Flesh, On a Boat

We would rather see the source documentary (The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard) rather than this so-so “re-edited for comedic effect” movie but it gives you a glimpse at the man who singlehandedly founded the popular money-swindling cult of Scientology. The very cult that’s going to sacrifice baby TomKat to bring about the resurrection of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Lancer’s Shirts’ Machofascismo

Lancer’s Shirts’ Machofascismo

ve got a nice campaign piece for jackboots. From 1996 issue of Playboy.

Winston Ads Taste Good Like a Good Cigarette Commercial Should

Winston Ads Taste Good Like a Good Cigarette Commercial Should

Check out this series of fantastic Winston ads.

Best Shop Clerks of 1965

Obsessive Consumption points us to a fantastic vid by Reader’s Digest presenting the very best check out gals of 1965. Note the intelligence in their eyes far greater than their menial task. Note the copies of Reader’s Digest in the background. A classy effort.

Retro Auto-Complaint Letter Generator

s automatic complaint-letter generator which simplifies and enliven your grievance submission process, an internet relic from 1996.