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Everything Is Awful Right Now… Except For The Kind Target Worker Who Knew I Needed A Hug

Emily and her husband are brand new New Yorkers. Well, make that, brand new U.S. citizens, sort of: She’s originally from Ohio, where she and her German husband met in college. They’d been living in Munich for about seven years, up until last Saturday. That’s when the couple moved to New York, a city with a hustle and bustle that isn’t much like Munich. That’s stressful enough, right?  And oh yeah — Emily is 29 weeks pregnant. With twins. Headaches? Abounding. But also plentiful were the hugs and good feelings at a Brooklyn Target, right when Emily needed a dose of happy. [More]


Retail Therapy Could Boost Your Mood: Study Justifies The 4 Pairs Of Shoes You Just Bought

It’s over. You dumped him or he dumped you, your beloved pet is never coming back and screw it, you didn’t want that job anyway. For those sufferers of a no good, very bad day who self medicate with a little shopping trip, take heart: a slew of new research suggests retail therapy could actually improve your mood, even as it drains your wallet. [More]

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If You’re Unhappy & You Know It, Keep An Eye On How You Spend Your Money

Pick your head up out of that pint of Ben & Jerry’s and step away from the online sales you’ve been clicking through to fill that hole in your heart. A new study claims that when you’re down in the dumps, sad or otherwise singing the blues, you’re more prone to make silly decisions about your money. And come on, you don’t really need another pair of black boots. [More]

What's Going On With Retail Medical Clinics?

What's Going On With Retail Medical Clinics?

Retail medical clinics — you know, those little offices in places like Walmart that promise to treat minor ailments in the amount of time it takes to check out on the express line — have been around for a few years, but haven’t exactly won over tons of customers from the neighborhood GP. Now, it looks like they’re about to take off in a big way. Or collapse. Or do nothing. That’s what happens when you get a second opinion about the fact that Kroger is closing 20 of its Little Clinic branches. [More]