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Solar City

Tesla, SolarCity Showed Off Their Work By Powering An Entire Island

You may have heard that Tesla recently completed its $2.6 billion merger with SolarCity — a company already chaired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. But before the two companies could sign on the dotted line, they had to prove their partnership was worthwhile, and they apparently accomplished that by joining forces to power an entire island with solar energy.  [More]


IKEA To Sell Only LED Lighting Starting September 1

That lamp you’ve been eyeing at IKEA is getting a bit of a makeover; or at least the light bulb is. The company is moving forward with plans to only sell LED bulbs starting this fall. [More]

Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Debuts Bottle Made Entirely Of Plant Materials

If you thought that Coke was sweet before, then Coca-Cola’s newest bottles will give you a sugar rush. That’s because the company has developed a beverage container made solely from plant materials, including sugarcane. [More]