Use Your Phone As A Remote?

Use Your Phone As A Remote?

Usually when people talk about AT&T and Verizon becoming cable operators they spin a bunch of bull about how competition will lower your bill. So far, that isn’t happening. But what happens when the technology comes together? Will you be able to use your cell phone to control your DVR? From the Chicago Tribune:

[AT&T] this week began offering its “Homezone” customers the ability to control their digital video recorders through Web-enabled phones. The interface lets cell phone users schedule or delete recordings on their set-top boxes from anywhere.

Morning Deals Round-Up

• Newegg has the Logitech Harmony 688 Universal Remote for $110 plus $5 shipping. Like most universal remotes, these control all your gear, but the Harmony series is configured using a USB interface on your computer, obviating the hassle of scouring manuals for special codes printed in the smallest text. Also, Newegg has a Holiday Sale. [via TechBargains]