Rakuten Is Taking Credit Card Fraud Complaints Very Seriously

For a few months now, customers of Rakuten (formerly Buy.com here in the USA) have complained that large and unauthorized purchases have showed up on their credit cards not long after making purchases on the site. Frustrated consumers have taken to the Web to complain and to demand answers. [More]


Here’s Everything We Know About The Rakuten/Buy.com Credit Card Breaches

Starting about a month ago, rumblings began on the SlickDeals forums among people who had recently made purchases from Rakuten Shopping, the new brand name of the marketplace Buy.com. The purchases made were diverse, ranging from time clocks in Colombia to newspaper subscriptions in Cleveland to plane tickets in Germany. Something is very, very wrong here: hundreds of victims from recent months have come forward on Slickdeals alone. [More]


Logitech Won’t Support iPad Case Bought From ‘Non Official Vendor’

If you’re shopping for something for which you might conceivably need the manufacturer’s warranty, be careful where you buy it. Most people know that buying from unofficial channels like small eBay or Amazon marketplace sellers can void manufacturer’s warranties, but Chris was under the impression that Buy.com (now called Rakuten) was a totally legit and authorized retailer. Logitech disagrees. When his keyboard would no longer hold a charge, he tried to make a warranty claim, only to be told that Buy.com was a “non official vendor” and he was out of luck. [More]