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RadioShack May Close Somewhere Between 530 And All Of Its Stores

For the second time in 25 months, electronics retailer RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy protection. The first time around, The Shack closed just over half of its stores, partnering with Sprint to keep the rest open and preserve thousands of jobs. This week, the company formed to keep the brand going sought permission from the bank to close between one-third and all of its stores. [More]

State AGs And Former RadioShack Reach Unredeemed Gift Card Settlement

State AGs And Former RadioShack Reach Unredeemed Gift Card Settlement

There’s good news for holders of old RadioShack gift cards: people who purchased cards directly at stores or from gift card kiosks will get their money back, instead of either forfeiting the funds or filing a claim in the bankruptcy, metaphorically getting in line behind companies owed thousands or millions of dollars. [More]

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Use Your RadioShack And Deb Gift Cards Right Now

Do you have gift cards lingering in your wallet from RadioShack or Deb? If so, put down the device you’re reading this post on and head over to the store right now to spend that card. That’s only slightly hyperbolic, but card holders will need to get to RadioShack before March 5 and to Deb before March 8 to cash in their cards before they’re worthless. [More]