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(David Berkowitz)

Radioshack Franchisee On Martha’s Vineyard To Close, Store Dog Will Also Retire

Radioshack’s bankruptcy last year led to the closure of more than half of its stores, and the sale of others to one of the company’s major secured creditors. Yet the bankruptcy also affected the 700 or so remaining RadioShack dealers and franchisees, including Vineyard Electronics, a franchisee that has kept the island supplied with gadgets since 1981, and is now closing. [More]

There Are Some RadioShack Stores That Are Very Successful

There Are Some RadioShack Stores That Are Very Successful

The last week has been full of RadioShack-related doom, from the New York Stock Exchange starting to delist the company to rumors of its inevitable bankruptcy and its actual bankruptcy. What most people don’t realize when joking about the doomed nature of Radio Shack, though, is that there are about a thousand Radio Shack-branded stores that are doing quite well, and will continue to do so even if the Shack brand disappears. They’re small-town retailers that serve as Radio Shack dealers. [More]