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Netflix Locks My Wife Out Of Her Profile, Shrugs

Do you use separate Netflix profiles to manage the separate video preferences of your household members? Whatever you do, don’t lose your passwords. Eric and his wife have learned this the hard way. They’re locked out of his wife’s profile, and have no way to get back in. Netflix’s response? They’ve shrugged. [More]


Yep, Shoppers Started Camping Out For Black Friday This Wednesday

Yes, it’s advantageous to line up for an irresistible sale early. A duo of California shoppers were a little too early to this year’s Black Friday sale at their local Best Buy, though, camping outside of the store more than a week ahead of time. Security staff booted them off the property, asking them to return on Thanksgiving. Thank Providence someone in this scenario is sane. [More]

Almost 18 hours, what's the big deal?

Activision Can Solve Your Call Of Duty Problems Sometime Tomorrow

Having a problem with Call of Duty: Black Ops II? Reader CL is. He was having a problem with an in-game code, so he called up the company. The call center was supposed to be open, but had closed for the day. Well, okay: the Web chat representatives should be able to take care of this problem. They can: after an estimated 18-hour wait time. [More]

Groceries Stores Turning To Single Checkout Lines

Groceries Stores Turning To Single Checkout Lines

Rich, poor, Slimfast or Milky Way, one thing grocery store customers can usually agree on is that they hate waiting in line. Retailers have sought out a number of solutions over the years – from self-checkout terminals to entertaining distractions and ambient fragrances – but, according to the Wall Street Journal, the latest trend is single-line queues.

Watch Out For Throttling If You're On A Blockbuster Rental Plan

Watch Out For Throttling If You're On A Blockbuster Rental Plan

Robert’s recent experience with his local Blockbuster just underscores how ill-equipped the rental chain is to compete against Netflix and new-star-on-the-block Redbox. Whether Robert has caught them deliberately throttling his account, or he’s just the victim of a poorly implemented system, it’s not the kind of customer experience you should have to settle for anymore.