(Rendering of World Cup venue in Qatar; via FIFA)

Visa, Coca-Cola Respond To Human Rights Concerns About Qatar World Cup; Not Pulling Out As Sponsors

Since the mysterious cabal that is FIFA announced that the 2022 soccer World Cup would be played in Qatar, there have been rumors of graft, concerns about the exceedingly high temperatures, and most importantly multiple reports of human rights abuses at worksites for the new stadiums and other facilities being erected around the country. As more people call on the event’s largest sponsors to pull their support, some are responding, though none are giving any indication that they won’t slap their name on the wildly popular tournament. [More]

A rendering of the under-construction stadium in Lusail, Qatar, that is intended to play host to the opening and closing games of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

FIFA Exec Says Qatar Is Just Too Hot To Host 2022 World Cup

There are numerous reasons why Qatar was a questionable choice to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, from the conditions for the workers building the venues to allegations of corruption in the bidding process to basic issues of human rights. But for one exec at the international soccer association, it’s just too darn hot in Qatar. [More]

The $3.65 Million Satanic Phone Number

The $3.65 Million Satanic Phone Number

I have a great phone number, one of those numbers that’s so easy to remember that everyone thinks it is fake. I’ll give it to girls at clubs; their faces go blood red with rage and they scream, “If you didn’t want to give me your number, just say so!” right before tossing their drink in my face. Everyone’s envious — my mobile carrier always compliments me on it whenever I talk to them.