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Adam Fagen

Reminder: Today Is Not Tax Day

Before any of you wake up in a panic this morning, realizing it’s April 15 and you haven’t filed your annual tax return, remember that Tax Day is actually April 18 this year. That’s because Emancipation Day (April 16) falls on a Saturday this year. This holiday — recognized in Washington, D.C. — is being observed today, meaning the D.C.-based IRS office is closed for the day. So enjoy the extra few days, but remember that you’ll still have to file (at least an extension) after the weekend is done. [More]

How Long Will You Wait To Do Your Holiday Shopping?

How Long Will You Wait To Do Your Holiday Shopping?

Like it or not, we’re now officially into the Holiday shopping season. While some stores haven’t given into the Christmas Creep instinct to turn their sales floors into mini North Poles, plenty of people are already going to be out looking to check names and items off their gift lists. [More]